Meet Wendy Blume

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Wendy Blume is an an illustrator, graphic designer and home cook who spends most nights in the kitchen trying to feed two fussy children. The Vegie Smugglers blog and cookbooks are her labour of love aimed at helping all of you out there in the same situation.

The more she learns about modern nutrition, the more confused she gets as she reads convincing arguments for various and conflicting diet philosophies. Unable to choose a single path through the nutritional jungle, Wendy's blog follows a policy of extreme moderation and common sense – eat a wide variety of foods that make you feel great and that suit the circumstances of your household.

The one area that all sides of the food debate agrees on is that processed food is bad, cooking from base ingredients is good, vegetables are the best source of nutrients per calorie and less than 1 in 5 of us eat enough of them. Wendy's blog focuses on feeding our kids the best range of vegetables and fruits possible via a wide range of recipes that cover the entire food gamut. Her most important requirement is that all her recipes are DELICIOUS, since we’re feeding our souls and senses, too.